NHLPA has yet to present counteroffer to NHL


NHLPA has yet to present counteroffer to NHL

It's been three weeks since the NHL made its first proposal, and the NHLPA still has yet to present a counteroffer. Today and throughout the rest of the week, both sides will meet to continue CBA talks.

Earlier in the week, Los Angeles Kings right winger Kevin Westgarth tweeted a photo of the 76,000 pages of NHL finances that must be sorted through before the players can make a counteroffer. Yes, it looks daunting, but a three-week response time when we're only five weeks from the Sept. 15 deadline makes you wonder just how much longer this process will take.

Since the initial NHLPA meetings in Chicago, Donald Fehr has stressed that there is no timetable on the negotiating process and has reassured that the season could still start on time even if no decision is made on the new CBA.

The last NHL lockout in 2004-05 really hurt the sport overall and losing another season is not something the league can afford to do again.

The five changes the owners desired in their first proposal were drastic and pretty overwhelming. By waiting closer to the Sept. 15 deadline, Fehr may be considering relying on the fan base to speak up as well, upset that training camps and preseason games aren't starting on time. The added pressure may be of assistance when getting owners to lower their initial proposal, which could speed up the overall process.

But by waiting closer to the deadline, the chances of not starting the season on time become greater, despite the ability to play while negotiations continue. As the battle between the two sides go on, there is a possibility neither will want to begin the season on time as frustrations grow further.

And as Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller pointed out earlier in the week, it's important that fans aren't alienated throughout the process:

"The last thing (we) need to do is have some kind of work stoppage, because we've made great strides with the positive spin hockey's had," Miller told the Montreal Gazette. "I think the years coming out of the (2004-05) lockout, we got a lot of the fan base back, a lot of positive energy. Mix that with the Olympics here in North America, a couple good playoffs, and we have a fan base that's loyal and, honestly, the best sports fans out of any sport."

Ben Zobrist's 'Zorilla Crunch' is the latest Cubs-themed cereal

Ben Zobrist's 'Zorilla Crunch' is the latest Cubs-themed cereal

It might soon be easier to list which Cubs players don't have their own personalized cereals.

Ben Zobrist debuted "Zorilla Crunch" on Monday, the latest in a line of Cubs-themed cereals that also includes Anthony Rizzo's "RizzO's" and David Ross' "Grandpa Rossy Crunch."

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With a third Cubs cereal added to grocery store shelves, one thing has become clear: A taste test is in order.

At least that will prove whether Zobrist's boast that he has the best-tasting flavor is warranted.

Why Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh will be 'pulling hard' for the Bears this season

Why Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh will be 'pulling hard' for the Bears this season

Jim Harbaugh is a former Chicago Bear, but that's not the main reason why he'll be rooting for the Monsters of the Midway this fall.

Harbaugh, the current Michigan head coach and former head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, used to coach alongside current Bears assistants Vic Fangio and Ed Donatell in the Bay Area.

Fangio, the Bears' defensive coordiantor, and Donatell, the Bears' defensive backs coach, held those same positions for all four of Harbaugh's seasons leading the Niners.

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Harbaugh voiced his support for his former assistants Monday, speaking with CSN's Pat Boyle at the Golf.Give.Gala golf outing in St. Charles.

"I know (the Bears) are going to have a heck of a defense," Harbaugh said. "Because I know they've got Vic Fangio and Ed Donatell and a tremendous coaching staff. So I'll be pulling hard for them."

Harbaugh also was asked about new Bears quarterback Mike Glennon, and you can hear his comments in the video above, as well as comments from Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer on another new Bears quarterback, Mitch Trubisky.