DaVaris Daniels' father: WR 'didn't do anything wrong'

DaVaris Daniels' father: WR 'didn't do anything wrong'
August 18, 2014, 11:15 pm
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Phillip Daniels, the former NFL defensive end and father of Notre Dame wide receiver DaVaris Daniels, came to his son's defense on Sunday.

Daniels said he spoke with his son after it was revealed he was one of four players questioned as part of Notre Dame's investigation into alleged academic dishonesty and said the senior receiver is "good."

"He knows that he didn't do anything wrong," Daniels said on NBC Chicago Sunday.

Daniels added: "DaVaris wrote his own papers. He actually sent paperwork home for me to look over, and I sent it back to that email address. And the school email system is what they're checking out. And I think they're looking at the email system and trying to see if they got help with their work."

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Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick said the university's investigation has poured over "thousands" of emails so far, and some of the correspondences that have implicated Daniels go back to two years ago.

"They questioned him about emails from his ex-girlfriend two years ago," the elder Daniels said. "And he told me they joke around a lot and they're looking at that as if he was cheating."

A point of contention for Daniels was that he hasn't heard from the university or coach Brian Kelly about the probe, and only spoke to running backs coach Tony Alford -- who Daniels said didn't have much info. Kelly has said he's a "bystander" in the investigation and was informed of the proceedings on Thursday, with Daniels and KeiVarae Russell, Kendall Moore and Ishaq Williams being removed from practice on Friday.

And Daniels said, too, given his son was suspended for the 2014 spring semester due to a poor GPA, it's questionable that he would've cheated and still had those bad grades -- though, if Daniels is correct about the investigation going back two years the suspension may not be connected. Still, Daniels is confident no wrongdoing occurred on the part of his son.

"I was at ease when I talked to him," Daniels said. "I know my son. I know he did the right things. He just came off suspension. My thing is, if he was getting so much help, I don't think he would've went through the suspension in the first place. But he's not that type of guy."