Notre Dame: Golson still working through adjustment period

Notre Dame: Golson still working through adjustment period
April 6, 2014, 3:15 pm
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Everett Golson admitted it's been difficult at times to take a big picture approach to his re-introduction to Notre Dame football this spring. Things aren't the way they were a year ago, with a new offensive coordinator, a quarterbacks coach and a group of players the quarterback is largely unfamiliar with.

But since Golson was away from practice and his teammates for a year, he's wanted to dive back in and pick up where he left off before his expulsion from Notre Dame. That hasn't happened, because things don't happen that quickly.

"Because I see all of this, I get a little impatient at times," Golson said. "You just want it now. But you have to understand it’s a process. I like where our team is going."

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After Christian Lombard suffered a spring-ending injury, not a single offensive lineman Golson has worked with over the last few weeks was a part of Notre Dame's plans in 2012. DaVaris Daniels is exiled from campus, meaning the pass-catchers with whom Golson has the greatest familiarity are Chris Brown and Ben Koyack. Golson completed a single pass to each player two seasons ago.

The running backs are different, too, which is why Cierre Wood and Theo Riddick came up during Golson's session with the media on Friday. Tarean Folston and Greg Bryant are new faces, and Cam McDaniel is no longer in a final-drive-of-a-blowout role.

And on top of that, the offense Notre Dame's installing with Golson at the helm is different. The goal is to unleash Golson as a playmaker with his arm and legs, as opposed to a far more conservative approach in 2012.

"I think mostly two years ago it was kind of take advantage of having Theo and Cierre, that backfield," Golson said. "But I think this year we kind of got a little bit more diverse. It's pick your poison. We could spread you out and throw the ball on you, or we still have that in our arsenal to really just sit down and run the ball and power it out."

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There are a few wrinkles to the offense Golson is still getting used to -- like running the pistol -- but he recognizes that he has a week left of spring practice and then the entire summer to work out a lot of the kinks. There's still an awful lot of time between now and Aug. 30 for Golson to get to know his receivers, running backs and offensive line, too.

And when the season does kick off Aug. 30, Golson's confident he and the Irish offense will be where coach Brian Kelly wants them to be.

"Being the quarterback and being the leader of the offense, you don’t want to score 14 points," Golson said. "I’m not comfortable with that. I want to score 38 , 40, whatever we’re trying to score. I don’t see it as pressure at all. I see it as an opportunity and we have the guys to accomplish that."