Notre Dame: WR Robinson wants to do more

Notre Dame: WR Robinson wants to do more
October 4, 2013, 2:00 pm
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DALLAS -- At 6-foot-5 and wearing a receiver's number (88), Corey Robinson has the look of an elite wideout.

He's not there yet, and only has five collegiate games under his belt. But he's shown usefulness as an outside guy who can beat man coverage on fade and back-shoulder throws, carving out a decent niche early into his college career.

Robinson, though, isn't resigned to being just an outside threat in his first year on campus.

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"The ordinary things, to be able to do the route-running, the blocking, not just the one thing I can do well, just jump up," he explained. "I gotta make sure I can become a more well-rounded player, and I can see every day I'm getting better at the little things to become a more complete receiver."

Robinson feels like he's starting to build up the strength to run more toward the middle of the field, which in turn would make him a less predictable target. Adding strength is a part of that, but a switched flipped in his mind and he's gone from nailing down routes to nailing down concepts.

"In January, I was trying to memorize routes. But then they put you in a different position, and you're like, I don't understand this and you mess it up and get yelled at," Robinson said. "So now it's just totally changing my mindset, from the X does this, the W does this, now it's more like field concepts, boundary concepts, you can play the whole offense. Only in the past month, since camp, I've started to understand more concepts. And once you understand the concepts, it comes much more easily to you."

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That's the learning curve for Robinson. He's a matchup nightmare on the outside, but has the ceiling to be much more than that.

Robinson still has a ways to go before he's "the guy" for Notre Dame. But his mindset never was to clamor to be a go-to target from the day he set foot on campus. The mature, down-to-earth 18-year-old said he just wants to do what he can while honing his skills.

"It's not about me being the leading receiver," Robinson said, "it's about Notre Dame getting the W at the end of the day."