Rees winning at tuning out the noise

Rees winning at tuning out the noise
October 7, 2013, 4:45 pm
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Predictably, any goodwill Tommy Rees built up Saturday night was wiped out when he opened the fourth quarter by throwing a pick-six.

The social media vitriol doesn't seem to bother Rees, but it once again reached a cacophony as Osahon Irabor ran a underthrown ball on a comeback route back for a momentum-changing score. A sampling of the anger directed at Rees' Twitter after that moment:

"@T_Rees11 Will you just graduate already..."

"I swear my niece has a stronger arm than this dude @T_Rees11 #sheis5"

"Atta boy @T_Rees11 you always know how to keep the other team in the game @ @