Friday, January 20, 2017 All listings are in CST
12:30 PM
Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook
1:00 PM
Poker Night In America (R)
1:00 PM
NHL Extra: Washington @ St. Louis (R)
1:30 PM
IBSF World Cup - Altenberg: Men's Skeleton (UniHD 1/7) (R)
2:30 PM
Inside Look (R)
3:00 PM
Inside Notre Dame Basketball (R)
3:30 PM
The Best of Dan Patrick (SDD)
3:30 PM
Blackhawks All Access (R)
4:00 PM
IBSF World Cup- Winterberg: Women's Bobsleigh (UniHD 1/13) (R)
4:30 PM
Pro Football Weekly (R)
5:00 PM
SportsTalk Live (LIVE)
5:00 PM
Men's College Hockey: Connecticut at Vermont (LIVE)
5:30 PM
Chicago Blackhawks Pregame Live (LIVE)
6:00 PM
Chicago Blackhawks @ Boston (LIVE)
7:30 PM
Men's College Hockey: Bentley at Sacred Heart (LIVE)
8:30 PM
Chicago Blackhawks Postgame Live (LIVE)
9:00 PM
Blackhawks All Access
9:30 PM
The Extra Point (R)
10:00 PM
Windy City Poker
10:00 PM
In The Loop Prime (LIVE)
10:30 PM
In The Loop Prime (LIVE)
11:00 PM
The Best of Dan Patrick (R)
11:00 PM
High School Lites (LIVE)
11:30 PM
Pro Football Weekly (R)
11:31 PM
***League blackout restrictions apply. All programs may not be available in your area.***

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