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NBC Sports Regional Networks to align CSN properties under 'NBC Sports' brand


NBC Sports Regional Networks to align CSN properties under 'NBC Sports' brand

CSN Chicago to become “NBC Sports Chicago” on October 2

Seven Networks to Join NBC Sports Bay Area & NBC Sports California to Complete Brand Evolution

Stamford, CT/Chicago, IL (August 23, 2017) -- NBC Sports Regional Networks will align the remainder of its five CSN-branded networks, as well as two TCNs, on Monday, October 2. The new names will incorporate “NBC Sports” with each of the networks’ regional designations. The announcement was made today by David Preschlack, President, NBC Sports Regional Networks and NBC Sports Group Platform and Content Strategy.

“We’re excited to complete the brand evolution of our remaining RSNs, which will now include the iconic NBC Sports name on all of our networks,” said Preschlack. “This development is a reaffirmation of our continued commitment to provide the best, most compelling local sports coverage to our fans across the country.”

The brand evolution will not impact the scheduled games, pre- and post-game shows, and other programming currently available on these networks.

CSN Chicago, CSN Northwest and CSN Philadelphia will combine “NBC Sports” with their current regional designations: NBC Sports Chicago, NBC Sports Northwest and NBC Sports Philadelphia. TCN will transition to NBC Sports Philadelphia +, and continue to house separate material produced by NBC Sports Philadelphia.

CSN Mid-Atlantic, TCN Mid-Atlantic and CSN New England will also adopt the city names used by their primary team partners, becoming NBC Sports Washington, NBC Sports Washington + and NBC Sports Boston, respectively.

The brand progression of the NBC Sports Regional Networks, which began in April with NBC Sports Bay Area and NBC Sports California, will be complete in advance of the 2017-18 NHL and NBA regular seasons. New York-based SNY will retain its name.

In addition to new names, the NBC Sports Regional Networks will feature enhanced logos and graphics. They will continue to feature the NBC Peacock, which was first integrated into the networks’ logos in 2012, the year after the formation of NBC Sports Group.

Many NBC Sports production, programming elements and on-air talent have been incorporated on the RSNs since the Comcast-NBCUniversal acquisition in 2011, much like NBCSN and Golf Channel. In addition to the integration of the NBC Peacock in 2012, “Comcast SportsNet” changed to “CSN” in 2016. Similarly, several NBC Sports Regional Networks collaborate with NBC Owned Television Stations in their respective markets on content and other initiatives.

Nerds in Sports Podcast: Best TV Shows & Movies of Summer, 2017 Emmys Picks


Nerds in Sports Podcast: Best TV Shows & Movies of Summer, 2017 Emmys Picks

Michael Piff, Kevin Anderson and ESPN 1000’s Ben Finfer call an official end to Summer with their favorite TV Shows and Movies from the past 3 months. Ozark, GLOW, Game of Thrones and many more make our list on the small screen, but take a listen to see if they name your favorites from the big screen.

Then the guys take a look at the major categories for Sunday’s Emmys. ‘Stranger Things’ vs. ‘The Crown’, ‘Atlanta vs. Veep’, Bob Odenkirk vs. Kevin Spacey’ and many more heavyweights get debated by the end of this episode. Tweet us your picks for each category at @NerdsInSports.

The summer camp that allows kids battling muscular dystrophy to simply be kids

The summer camp that allows kids battling muscular dystrophy to simply be kids

Mayo Clinic defines muscular dystrophy as "a group of diseases that cause profressigve weakness and loss of muscle mass." It's a genetic order, and one that robs the human body of even the most simple tasks that we take for granted: walking, talking, swallowing and breathing.

But the disease can not override the spirit and determination of those affected by it. And it's why since 1950 the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) has been working to save children and adults alike who suffer from these life-threatening illnesses.

The ultimate goal has been and will remain the same: discovering a cure for all.

The Timber Point Outdoor Centre, located 125 miles south of downtown Chicago, has become a safe haven to some of the local children suffering from muscular dystrophy. For one special week each summer they aren't limited compared to their peers, and they aren't any different. Nearly 75 kids aged 8 to 17 get together to smile, laugh, and play, the simple things in life all children should be afforded.

The unique opportunity to be around other kids affected by this ugly disease makes this the highlight of the year for manyn. From horseback riding to archery, from water-balloon target practice (on counselors) to laser tag, there's something for everyone and more than enough smiles to go around.

There's a counselor for every camper that makes "Christmas in June" the experience of a lifetime.

"Kids come to a camp like this, and this is the biggest deal for their year, the best week of the year the kids say," said Jim Cristman, VP/GM of CITGO, MDA's largest corporate sponsor. "They can't imagine anything like this. So how can we not give them a camp?"

MDA lost its most prominent spokesperson this summer when Jerry Lewis passed away. Lewis headed the The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon for more than five decades.

And since the MDA Summer Camp is free to all families, donations are vital to its continuation. To find out more about the camp, the disease and how you can donate to contribute toward a cure, check out their website.

You can also follow MDA on Twitter, at @MDANews and @MDAChicago_NIL.