EDGY: Justifying my top 25 rankings

EDGY: Justifying my top 25 rankings
September 30, 2013, 5:45 pm
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Nothing gets peoples' blood boiling more than the weekly team rankings. Want to get the discussions going? Just put out some rankings and watch what happens.
This past weekend I put out my weekly High School Lites Week 6 Top 25 power ranking. Easy enough.
Yet whenever we have weekends like this past weekend, where several ranked teams lose to unranked teams chaos ensues.
Do you completely wipe out the ranked teams that lost? Do you automatically add the school in place of the ranked team they just beat? What about if Team A beat Team B, yet Team A also lost to Team C. Team C three weeks ago lost to Team B so what to do?
If two trains leave Union Station at the same time, at what time and when will Evergreen Park, Argo, Grayslake North, Glenbard South, Niles West, Plainfield East or Dundee-Crown arrive in the Top 25 power rankings?
I honestly can't speak for the others who do rankings. They all seem like nice people who try to do their best, no matter how lame they might be ranking teams (kidding, sort of).
Here is my easy step-by-step formula for preparing my weekly team rankings.
I rank the Top 25 best high school football teams in Chicagoland. That's it.  Simple as that.
Week in and week out -- heck, year in and year out -- I always have exceptions and questions about my polls, and that's cool as far as I'm concerned. Got a question, perhaps, on why I left Oak Lawn Richards (4-1) in the Week 6 rankings and didn't add in Evergreen Park (5-0) in the Top 25, despite the Mustangs 35-34 win over Richards last Friday? Why is Wheaton South (4-1) still in the Top 25 after losing 21-14 to Naperville North last Friday? Where are the Huskies in the Top 25?
Disrespecting the Mustangs? Or the Huskies? Nope, not even close. I have been a big fan of the Mustangs for a long time, and that goes back to when former Evergreen Park head coach Mike Barry started to turn the football program around for the better. Heck I predicted the Mustangs to be in the Class 4A state finals in 2013...back in July. Guess that "disrespected" theory just took a shot to the bow? 
Both Evergreen Park and Naperville North pulled off huge wins last Friday. Huge. Yet why didn't I include them in this week's power rankings?
When I finish polls each week I sit back and ask myself this simple question, "Is this team better than the other ranked teams?"
The weekly Top 25 power rankings give you my answer each and every week.