EDGY's Take: Representing fans as playoff pairings roll in

EDGY's Take: Representing fans as playoff pairings roll in
October 24, 2013, 1:15 pm
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The biggest night of the year is this Saturday.

My birthday? Nope. Anniversary? Not for another six months.

On Saturday night the IHSA will release it's football playoff pairings live starting at 8 p.m. Those same playoff pairings can be seen live on Comcast Sportsnet in a live program from the EDGYTIM ... I mean the CSN studios in Chicago.

For a high school football fan this night is everything.

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You want drama? We've got drama and the IHSA Football Playoff Pairing Show has it. So which class will this school or that school drop into this playoff season? Will the IHSA work it's voodoo on the geographically aligned brackets, and to what extend will that voodoo be spun?

Who got a good draw? Who got a bad draw?

It's all here and more, all in the glory of live television.

I'll be taking part in my first ever television appearance on the IHSA Football Playoff Pairing Show on Saturday night. I'll be seen as just one person of many on Saturday night, yet as far as I'm concerned I'll be there representing so many of "you."

You see I never wanted, expected or desired to be a part of the "in" crowd. I never had a master plan. When I started back in 1995 with an AOL dial-up Internet connection and 327 page views, it was all pretty simple. I wanted to do a better job of covering and promoting IHSA football.

I wasn't granted IHSA media credentials until I was publishing my website for eight years or so. I was scoffed at, laughed at and had more doors slammed in my face than I'm guess most other "media" combined. Veteran sportswriters, editors and the like all wanted nothing to do with me or us "website" people. They said that I wasn't a properly trained media professional, not a real part of the "real" media.

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Yet all of it was fine with me because it was never about "them." It was and always will be about "you."

I started this whole EDGYTIM thing as a fan. I'm still a fan and will always be a fan. That doesn't mean I can't be objective, that I can't be fair and balanced and that I can't be a professional. Yet I also never back away from being a fan.

So when you see me on the IHSA Football Playoff Pairing Show on Saturday night, in my mind you'll see more than just myself. You'll see one of the most dedicated, passionate and loyal fan bases found anywhere. You'll see a wife, kids and a family who might not of fully understood my passion yet who never wavered in my corner. You'll also see the many friends, coaches, players, media and administrators who stuck with me and who believed in me and my cause and my passion for all these many years.

What you'll see on set most importantly on Saturday night is a fan.