How Success Advancement factor will affect IHSA sports

How Success Advancement factor will affect IHSA sports
March 4, 2014, 5:00 pm
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Last week the IHSA Board of Directors announced that it passed a handful of changes to Board Policy 17, most notably the addition of a Success Advancement factor in all sports that will have an impact on all non-boundary schools beginning in the 2014-15 school year.

In short, any non-public member of the IHSA that advances to more than one state final in any IHSA sport would be required to move up in class.

In football, for example, if any non-boundary school plays in two state title games over a four-year period those schools would need to move up a class the following year.

While many feel this is the IHSA's own creation, that just isn't the case. A handful of other states have either already adopted a similar rule or have a rule in the works.

According to's publisher Dallas Jackson, the success factor has been already implemented in Indiana for the past two years and other states are considering similar legislation.

"The Illinois versions of the success factor is almost identical to Indiana's rule," Jackson said. "Indiana has had its rule in effect for the past two years now. Both Ohio and Nebraska are also considering similar rules."

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While this new addition to IHSA Policy 17 will be in place for all sports, at least from a nation perspective Jackson feels that one sport in particular is driving these changes.

"In Indiana, Ohio and Nebraska, in my opinion, football has been the genesis for the success factor rule," Jackson said. "It seems that in those states the success factor has been aimed at a handful of the successful private schools in football specifically."