NBC Sports' Jack Doles previews Sochi Olympics

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NBC Sports' Jack Doles previews Sochi Olympics
February 6, 2014, 8:30 pm
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Mark Strotman

With the Opening Ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Olympics less than 24 hours away, NBC Sports' Jack Doles is previewing the state of Sochi's facilities, courses and surrounding environment.

Journalists from around the country have tweeted out photos of horrendous living situations, unfinished sidewalks, buildings and parks as well as stray dogs that reportedly are being killed off.

Still, the Games are for the athletes to shine. And Doles says in that category, Sochi certainly is ready.

"I think Sochi is ready for the athletes, they're ready for the Games to start, in that aspect," he said. "The venues are spectacular, we've been inside those. The mountains are amazing, and the skiers are giving those rave reviews. Where they're not really ready is all of the landscaping around there.

"It's like you moved into a new subdivision and you have a great new house but you're the first one moving in on the block and everything around you is dirt. We saw them spraying some of the grass green the other day. All of the trees you see are being help up by ropes, 90 percent of them."

Security threats, one of the biggest story lines thus far leading up to the Games, have ramped up, according to Doles, but he admits they won't really know how intense those precautionary measures are until the general public arrives to watch the events.

"Yes, security has definitely ramped up and I expect it to be much greater with Opening Ceremonies starting," he said. "You haven't seen any activity in here. You've seen journalists, you've seen some athletes after they've finished a training session, you've seen security guards. But you have not seen the general public."

Watch Doles' entire interview from Sochi on SportsTalk Live in the video above.

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