Report: Doan wants big bucks to leave Phoenix


Report: Doan wants big bucks to leave Phoenix

The Blackhawks are one of several teams believed to be pursuing free agent right winger Shane Doan. Now it's known what it will take to sign him if he chooses to leave the Phoenix Coyotes.

While Doan waits for a resolution to the ownership situation in Phoenix, David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail says it will take a four-year deal for 30 million to lure Doan to a new team. That's 7.5 million annually for a player who turns 36 on Oct. 10. Thus, the deal would keep Doan at a high salary through his age 39 season.

Can the Blackhawks even afford Doan? Barely.

Under the current salary cap structure, the Blackhawks have 7,754,872 to spend according to Doan's demands would leave them with just a little over 250,000 and very little roster flexibility and almost make a salary-dump trade a necessity.

Of course, this is all dependent on the salary cap under the current collective bargaining agreement which seems certain to change once the NHL owners and players' union agree on a new CBA to (hopefully) avoid any kind of work stoppage.

Other teams known to have interest in signing Doan include the Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, New York Rangers, Vancouver Canucks and Detroit Red Wings.

Would you pay Doan 7.5 million for the next four years or should the Blackhawks pass?

Fire fans swarm O'Hare to greet Bastian Schweinsteiger

Fire fans swarm O'Hare to greet Bastian Schweinsteiger

In the age of social media you can track something like Bastian Schweinsteiger's flight to Chicago in almost real-time.

The Chicago Fire publicized Schweinsteiger's Tuesday arrival in Chicago, giving fans details of when his plane was expected to arrive and at what terminal.

First, Schweinsteiger and his former tennis player wife, Ana Ivanovic, both tweeted photos to their millions of followers about their trip.

Once they arrived, the mob scene at O'Hare was on. Schweinsteiger was greeted by hundreds of fans.

Check out the video above for some footage of Schweinsteiger's arrival.

He will be introduced formally with a press conference on Wednesday at 3 p.m. from the Fire Pitch in Chicago. The press conference will air on CSN+ and be streamed live on

Hawks Talk Podcast: What's the cause of recent struggles?


Hawks Talk Podcast: What's the cause of recent struggles?

On the latest Hawks Talk Podcast, Pat Boyle and Steve Konroyd discuss the latest slump and how much does Artem Anisimov's injury play a role in their struggles?

Konroyd tells us he was surprised by Ryan Hartman's benching in Tampa.

The guys play the game, playoff minutes or press box minutes?  They run through the players who are on the bubble when it comes to postseason play.

They also discuss the Hawks chances of overtaking Washington for the President's trophy.

Plus, Konroyd breaks down possible first round opponents: St Louis, Calgary and Nashville.