Rizzo continues to impress in Iowa


Rizzo continues to impress in Iowa

By Luke Stuckmeyer

I've spent the last two days watching Cubs prospect Anthony Rizzo in Iowa.

He runs hard. He swings hard. He plays hard. I'm not a scout, but even his foul balls are impressive. Last night he hit one foul down the right field line that disappeared into the dark. I'd guess it might have cleared Sheffield Avenue if he had been at Wrigley.

Today I caught him crushing his 15th homer with my iPhone. He went the opposite way to left center with ease. The ball flew off his bat.

The next time up, he drilled the pitcher with a line drive and went all the way to third in a throwing error.

Is he ready? I don't see the rush, but it won't be long.

I'll get more detailed with a full feature on Rizzo later this week on Sportsnet Central. Keep your eyes open for it, as well as for Mr. Rizzo himself.

Wintrust Athlete of the Week: Austin O'Connor

Wintrust Athlete of the Week: Austin O'Connor

Four years, four state championships. 

That's what St. Rita senior wrestler Austin O'Connor accomplished over the past four years, becoming the 15th wrestler in IHSA history to do so. The Mustangs' grappler went undefeated this season and finished his IHSA career with a record of 181-4. 

O'Connor is planning on continuing his time on the mat at the University of North Carolina next season. Learn more about O'Connor in the video above. 

In the Gym at EFT: Vertical jump training

In the Gym at EFT: Vertical jump training

In the latest installment of In the Gym at EFT, performance specialist Kerry Neal teaches some valuable techniques to improve an athlete's vertical jump. 

Former Western Michigan Linebacker Grant DePalma gives an assist by demonstrating the drills. An athlete's vertical is an important tool and can be the difference during evaluation.

Learn some valuable tips above and be on the lookout for the next edition of In the Gym at EFT.