5 Outs

100 things you didn't know about Wrigley Field: The first night game


• Dusty Baker (manager of the 2003 Cubs)
• Kerry Wood (Cubs pitcher)
• Mark Prior (Cubs pitcher)
• Moises Alou (Cubs outfielder)
• Sammy Sosa (Cubs outfielder)
• Aramis Ramirez (Cubs third baseman)
• Jim Hendry (Cubs GM)

• Juan Pierre (Marlins outfielder)
• Derrek Lee (Marlins first baseman)
• Miguel Cabrera (Marlins outfielder)
• Todd Hollandsworth (Marlins outfielder)
• Ozzie Guillen (Marlins third base coach)
• Thom Brennaman (broadcaster)
• Steve Stone (broadcaster)
• Rick Telander (sportswriter)
• David Kaplan (sports talk radio host)

• Narrated by actor William Petersen

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