Aaron Rodgers


If Charles Johnson is correct, this is not good news for the Bears.

Johnson, drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2013, worked with and closely observed quarterback Aaron Rodgers.


Before the NFL handed down its multi-tiered punishments in the Deflategate situation, I went on record that a sanction was necessary for Tom Brady if the quarterback was indeed involved in directi


Chatting with ProFootballTalk.com legend Mike Florio on NBC Radio’s “PFT Live!” Wednesday morning was a good chance to noodle over how a call of 10-6 could


Aaron Rodgers has done his fair share of slicing up the Bears secondary over the years, but even he recognizes greatness.


Aaron Rodgers — the Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl-winning quarterback and the NFL's reigning MVP — is getting called a bandwagon fan.