Arizona Cardinals


Repeating an important rule: The NFL may sometimes be ridiculed as a copycat league but the reality is that if you don’t learn from the successes of others, you need to take your ego temperature b


Love the matchups: elite offense (Cardinals) vs. elite defense (Panthers), MVP (Cam Newton) and one of the NFL’s most balanced offenses (49.6 percent run) vs.


The boxing cliché that “styles make fights” says that contrasting strengths make for the best competitions, and the matchups in the AFC and NFC championship games this weekend are all of that.


The first two postseasons produced all four road teams winning on wild-card weekend, an NFL first, and all four home teams winning this weekend in the divisional round.


In the endless local ruminations as to how close to or far from a Super Bowl are the Bears, in one area they at least have one box checked.