Bronson Arroyo


The Cincinnati Reds have built a very good core led by Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips, but they lost Shin-Soo Choo and key role players from last year's 90-win team.


There are several enticing free agent pitchers left now that Masahiro Tanaka’s gone, but don’t expect the White Sox to be serious contenders.


With Masahiro Tanaka entering the final week of his decision-making process, things have been relatively quiet on that front, with the exception of a handful of rumors that most in the industry do


Greg Maddux made about $153 million during his Hall of Fame career, according to the salary database at


If only Kris Bryant was already here at Wrigley Field, so everyone could dissect his two-strike approach, wonder if he was ready to step up and be a leader and badger him with questions about a lo