Carmelo Anthony


LAS VEGAS—As the Bulls’ franchise player, Derrick Rose’s opinion matters and with his media silence since last winter, his take on the organization’s offseason and the team's potential moves spoke


There's no prize in free agency for coming in second place, but perhaps Bulls fans can appreciate that had Carmelo Anthony not re-signed with the Knicks earlier this month his next top choice was


Surrounded by small children at the Major Adams Community Center, walking distance from the United Center, aside from his seven-foot height, Bulls’ All-Star center Joakim Noah fit right in.


DEERFIELD, Ill.—Hosting his annual basketball camp Wednesday, Bulls big man Taj Gibson was forced to respond to a deluge of questions about recent trade rumors that have him potentially headed to


It’s a brand-new day in Chicago, one that features a Bulls team with a plethora of outside shooting, all kinds of lineup versatility, tremendous size and most importantly, depth.