Citi Field


NEW YORK – Either the Cubs are that much closer to building a pitching staff for October, or the New York Mets are that far away from putting together a playoff-caliber lineup.   


NEW YORK – Joe Maddon sat in the office with a big smile on his face, bobbing his head and blasting The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Do You Believe in Magic?”


NEW YORK – Kyle Hendricks doesn’t have the Major League Baseball logo tattooed onto the back of his neck, but he acts likes he belongs in The Show. 


NEW YORK – Cubs fans will have to wait to see Jorge Soler.


NEW YORK – The Cubs will be going big-game hunting this offseason, maybe even walking out of the winter meetings with the deer antlers Jed Hoyer once joked about, signing a pitcher to a megadeal t