Crane Kenney


With the long delayed Wrigley Field renovation project finally underway and the demolition of the bleachers the first step in a $575 million overhaul of the stadium and surrounding area, the


The Cubs put on another dog-and-pony show Saturday morning while the St. Louis Cardinals waited to play for the National League pennant that night.


The Cubs are going to be really good in the future. Just ask them. It might be next season. It could be the year after that. And just wait until the new TV deal finally kicks in.


A clubhouse wise guy noticed the blue T-shirt for sale at one of the souvenir stands near the players’ parking lot at Wrigley Field.


MILWAUKEE — A fan on Miller Park’s second level watched Sunday’s game from behind home plate, wearing a blue Cubs jersey with “NEXT YEAR” and two zeroes sewn onto the back.