Halas Hall


The Bears were able to create a bit of wiggle room in their salary cap after Jay Cutler restructured his long-term contract.


When the offseason began, signs pointed to the Bears re-signing defensive tackle Henry Melton, likely to a one-year, prove-it contract coming off his season-ending torn ACL three games into the 20


While the Bears continue mapping out their strategy on rebuilding their defense, the two-week NFL window between the end of the Scouting Combine and the start of free agency saw them bring back a


GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Every time he spots Jose Abreu, Adam Dunn and Avisail Garcia in the White Sox clubhouse, Paul Konerko thinks he’s at Halas Hall.


The news will be when a player states publicly that he does not want to be back with his current team. All that accomplishes is shrinking the player’s market by one. So, predictably, D.J.