Jim Hendry


While trying to manage the Wrigley Field message, Crane Kenney revealed his contract runs through 2019, keeping the Cubs president of business operations in power through a make-or-break point in


The urban legend had Theo Epstein destroying a hotel room after he found out Jose Contreras decided on the New York Yankees. 


NEW YORK — So which New York tabloid produced the better back page for Thursday’s editions?


NEW YORK – Wearing sunglasses and a bluish-gray suit, Alfonso Soriano wheeled his suitcase into Yankee Stadium’s home clubhouse at 10:40 a.m., walking past Derek Jeter’s locker. 


NEW YORK — The Cubs spent almost the entire offseason hoping to get their shot at Masahiro Tanaka. They’ll have to wait another 18 hours to see the Japanese superstar in Yankee pinstripes.