Jim McMahon


One thing in common between the current Bears quarterback and the one that led them to their only Super Bowl thirty years ago is they're not crazy about talking with the media.


"Ya feel like a dumbass. If I'd had a gun, I probably wouldn't be here. There are times I just lay in my room for days, weeks." — Jim McMahon


The 1985 Bears became rock stars, literally and figuratively. Still are, enough to be featured Tuesday night on the lead segment of HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.


Jumping on “Kap & Haugh” this morning on Comcast Sportsnet and WGNPlus.com this morning, David Haugh and sidekick Adam Hoge, sitt


Comcast SportsNet and the Chicago Bears will debut a brand new installment of its partnered Bears Classics presented by Honda documentary series when the network will once again go back in time –