Kirk HInrich


PHOENIX — In the last 365 days or a little longer, depending on who’s counting, three teams have defeated the formidable Golden State Warriors on their home court at Oracle Arena.


He speaks in a calm voice, with a measured tone that sounds like a soul singer from the 70’s addressing a crowd at an old-school concert.


PHILADELPHIA—The sluggish start to the Bulls’ season has left many scratching their heads in confusion, with everything from lineup changes to discussion about leadership being a point of discussi


The depth of the Bulls has been a point of conversation for fans and consternation for coach Fred Hoiberg, as he's had to juggle experimenting lineups with the continuity that comes with being a s


As one would assume the Bulls take the next three games to play with some kind of regular season intensity, Fred Hoiberg would likely bottle up whatever inspired Joakim Noah to perform with the ki