Kris Bryant


MESA, Ariz. – Surrounded in the middle of the clubhouse, Manny Ramirez moved in a 360-degree circle, spinning to answer each question face-to-face and making direct eye contact with reporters.


MESA, Ariz. — Whether or not Manny Ramirez really is a changed man, the Cubs believe he can be a difference-maker working with their talented young hitters.


MESA, Ariz. – Kris Bryant studied Derek Jeter’s career, how the New York Yankees icon always seemed to say the right thing and never wound up in the wrong place.

MESA, Ariz. — Javier Baez is going to have to earn it.

At the moment, the Cubs appear ready to take three big-league caliber catchers to spring training and wait for a better deal to come to them in Arizona.