Kyle Fuller


Conventional wisdom has it that Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers is too good to blitz (although what there is to lose by gambling isn’t exactly clear, since the Packers score most of the time a


After the defensive debacle of 2013, the organization committed to overhauling the unit, increasing its depth with youth through the draft while targeting the pass rush through free agency.


FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — The news on the scoreboard may have been only slightly worse than that from the trainer’s room after the Bears’ 51-23 loss Sunday to the New England Patriot


The matchups were beyond difficult, between tight end Rob Gronkowski, Brandon LaFell and anyone else who plays on a team with Tom Brady.


The Bears are going on the road against one of the NFL’s all-time great quarterbacks likely without one of the linchpins of their defense as linebacker Lance Briggs, down with a rib injury that he