Kyle Long


Kyle Long was honest enough in the aftermath of Sunday’s 27-14 loss to the Miami Dolphins to answer that yes, the booing by fans as the Bears as they shuffled off the field at halftime did bother


The hardest part of outbursts like Brandon Marshall’s in the aftermath of the Bears’ 27-13 loss Sunday to the Miami Dolphins may be ensuring that it doesn’t intrude into the “o


Coach Marc Trestman decided at the start of the season he wouldn't have permanent captains, so who should the Bears turn to now that they're at a 3-4 record?


As the Bears trickled off the field after a woeful first half, down 14-0 and being shut out in a first half for the first time in 23 games under coach Marc Trestman, the boos c


The last time they were together on a practice field actually practicing together was Sept.