Kyle Long


The Bears’ offense has struggled against some of the poorer defenses in the NFL. Tampa Bay’s 28th-ranked scoring defense held the Bears to 21 points. So did the 15th-ranked Minnesota Vikings.


Protection allowed Jay Cutler to be sacked three times in the span of seven first-quarter plays, albeit with one sack due to a very poor pass set by tight end Dante Rosario.


Cutting off the layers of tape in the locker room after Sunday’s 21-13 Bears win over the Minnesota Vikings, left tackle Jermon Bushrod wadded up a bunch of discarded tape, too


Kyle Long was honest enough in the aftermath of Sunday’s 27-14 loss to the Miami Dolphins to answer that yes, the booing by fans as the Bears as they shuffled off the field at halftime did bother


The hardest part of outbursts like Brandon Marshall’s in the aftermath of the Bears’ 27-13 loss Sunday to the Miami Dolphins may be ensuring that it doesn’t intrude into the “o