Lance Briggs


Players are compelled to put bad plays immediately behind them, even get good or bad games behind them within 24 hours and get on to the next one.


What our peers think of us typically means considerably more than what general population thinks of us. By that measure, the Bears should feel very respected by their NFL mates.


He is the first to bring up that his first two NFL seasons weren’t what all that good, certainly not what is expected out of a No. 1 draft choice by either player or team.


It's Memorial Day weekend, but I'm already looking at Labor Day weekend. After just getting out of that brutal winter, shame on me for these momentary thoughts that skip summer.


Anthony Barr (OLB), UCLA

6'5" | 255 lbs.

2013 stats:

66 tackles, 20 TFL, 10 sacks, 6 FF