Los Angeles Lakers


Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight is one of the best statistic-based research websites on the web, and earlier this week he tabulated the distr


While Lovie Smith is creating a Bears reunion of sorts in Tampa Bay, the Knicks may be doing the same with a group of former Bulls.


Kirk Hinrich’s 17 points in the Bulls’ 92-86 win Sunday over the Lakers at the Staples Center wasn’t anything spectacular, but coming off his 15-point outing in the team’s previous game, las


LOS ANGELES—Taj Gibson is a proud Brooklyn native, but this part of the country is where he made his name as a basketball player, emerging as a top prep-school recruit at Stoneridge Prep aft


LOS ANGELES—For once facing a team even more short-handed than themselves, the Bulls held off a late-game surge by the Lakers Sunday afternoon, getting back to .500 for the season and finishing th