Lou Piniella


ST. LOUIS – Chris Bosio caught highlights from Friday night’s Marlins-Padres game and immediately noticed something about Jose Fernandez.


You had to read Jeff Samardzija’s lips on TV, but it sure looked like: “(Bleepin’) (bleep!)” Samardzija punching his glove and talking to himself could be the highlight reel to sum up his season.


The White Sox are rebuilding on the fly, the way Jeff Samardzija once hoped the Cubs would be able to compete now while still building an elite farm system and planning for the future.


Lou Piniella turned it into performance art, getting in an umpire’s face during his finger-pointing, dirt-kicking, base-tossing arguments.


MESA, Ariz. — This was beginning to feel like a farewell tour for Jeff Samardzija.