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In what may be the single biggest negative point of his (final?) evaluation as coach of the Bears, besides the overall failure to produce a winning record in two years, Marc Trestman acknowledged


Penalties are only one measure of NFL behavior, an indicator of discipline or lack thereof.


Before the latest embarrassment to his program, after a litany of others both on- and and off-field over the year-plus, since the 3-0 start to the 2013 season, really, Marc Trestman was the presum


The biggest question now hanging over the Bears, in a season marred by so many big-issue questions, is how high the mud will splash after the offensive coordinator revealed himself as the one who


Bears head coach Marc Trestman has alluded to the concept of “complimentary football” to describe a team where each phase supports the others by doing its job to at least an adequate level.