Mel Tucker


GREEN BAY — The Bears are who we thought they were. 

They are exactly the same team that was throttled by the New England Patriots just two weeks ago.


Lance Briggs was last on the field for the Bears a little more than a month ago, chasing Cam Newton and other assorted Carolina Panthers in an exercise in futility from which the Bears have not re


Conventional wisdom has it that Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers is too good to blitz (although what there is to lose by gambling isn’t exactly clear, since the Packers score most of the time a


The last time the Bears shook up their staff on offense, it was during the off/bye week, as they recovered from a two-game losing streak and went on to the NFC Championship game.


The issue when facing the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, pretty much any team with a top-shelf quarterback, is that quarterback.