Michael Johnson


High School Lites features one of the best games of the early season as No. 4 St. Joseph travels to No. 6 St. Rita for the showcase matchup of the week.


The only thing more humbling than the bumbling the Bears went through in weeks seven through nine would be if Marc Trestman's predecessor and the quarterback he chose not to keep were riding high,


The architect of the free-ageny coup that brought Julius Peppers to the Chicago Bears, at age 30, in 2010, gave an unqualified endorsement of the deal made by his successor, Phil Emery, in bringin


The Bears lost out to the Seattle Seahawks in the matter of defensive end Michael Bennett,


The key moves through the early hours of pre-free agency were not the phone calls made by the Bears — they have had exploratory contacts with myriad players ranging from Seattle’s Michael Bennett