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The new wave of NBA offenses has emphasized up-tempo, run-and-gun tactics that have more than half the league averaging 100 or more points per game, up from 11 teams that did so in 2012-13 and jus


When Jimmy Butler pledged his commitment and sent in his National Letter of Intent to Buzz Williams and Marquette in 2008, he was introduced to a new position he had never played.


Malachi Nix is 5-foot-6 going on 7 feet tall, at least if you measure leadership and determination and guts by the size of your Michael Jordans.


CHAMPAIGN As Myke Henrys shot finished its arc and swished through the net, giving Illinois a 12-5 advantage over Colgate, the Assembly Hall erupted.


Slowly but surely, Tom Thibodeau is learning to rely on second year reserve Jimmy Butler.