Pau Gasol


CHARLOTTE—Derrick Rose’s health hadn’t been a question of late, as virtually everyone of note had been nursing some injury of some kind with the All-Star break mercifully coming at the perfect tim


MINNEAPOLIS — The Bulls have found themselves in this position many times this season, and if their memory was working, going back 24 hours was enough to jog it.


DENVER — Beat up as he may be, Jimmy Butler will give it a go against the Denver Nuggets after missing Wednesday’s game in Sacramento with left knee tendinitis.


SACRAMENTO--You know the drill: Bulls team appears on brink of destruction, before someone rises up to save them from themselves, at least for a night.


SACRAMENTO — To some, the Bulls are a mysterious bunch who can’t get it together, and losing nine of 13 games brings about plenty of theories as to why they’re so inconsistent.