Paul Konerko


A career that began in 1997 with the Los Angeles Dodgers is finally coming to a close, as White Sox legend Paul Konerko plays the final games of his illustrious career.


By the time he retires at the end of the month, Paul Konerko is going to need a new house to store all the gifts he's received from teams around the league.


He’s been called “Paulie,” “PK,” “King” and “The Captain.” Described as tough, tenacious, a gamer, a leader and a winner.


Paul Konerko was back in the White Sox lineup Friday night in Tampa Bay, coming back to the team to get ready for the final homestand of his career on the South Side.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- They are entirely different tasks but the difference between Adam Eaton running the bases and stealing one is vast.