A knock on Marc Trestman this season is that the coach’s Bears offense has been predictable, to the point of opponents declaring that they knew much of what was coming from his offense.


Having covered the intricacies and goings-on of Mike Ditka’s tumultuous final year and departure; the inside story of the Dave McGinnis-hiring debacle; the combustible contract situation involving


In what may be the single biggest negative point of his (final?) evaluation as coach of the Bears, besides the overall failure to produce a winning record in two years, Marc Trestman acknowledged


ESPN analyst and former NFL head coach Jon Gruden was among those voicing very strong criticism of not only the play of quarterback Jay Cutler during the Bears’ 31-15 loss Monday to the New Orlean


Most people probably went into Monday night's game thinking there's no way the Bears could sink lower.

But Marc Trestman's squad might have just done exactly that.