Spring training


One day in late February, Logan Watkins became the play-by-play guy for Cubs fans desperate for Arizona sunshine, dreaming about baseball and hoping for an end to a brutal Chicago winter.


You had to read Jeff Samardzija’s lips on TV, but it sure looked like: “(Bleepin’) (bleep!)” Samardzija punching his glove and talking to himself could be the highlight reel to sum up his season.


The White Sox needed a jolt of energy after a 99-loss season in 2013.

And they think they've found it in center fielder Adam Eaton.


Paul Konerko has spent 15 previous Aprils and Mays playing in Chicago and he’s still not accustomed to the cold weather.


Though the matchup doesn’t call for it, the White Sox are considering starting Paul Konerko on Opening Day. But it’s not because the team’s captain has lobbied for a 16th straight Opening Day star