St. Louis Cardinals


Could the Cubs win 90 games and still be sitting home in October?


The Cubs guaranteed $184 million to a player who has never hit 30 homers or driven in 100 runs in a single season, paying for Jason Heyward’s age-26 upside and Gold Glove defense.


As part of the elaborate presentation during Jon Lester’s recruiting visit to Wrigleyville, the Cubs unveiled a diamond diagram projecting their 2016 lineup – with Jason Heyward playing center fie


When Javier Baez walked into Joe Maddon's office before his reintroduction to the big leagues in 2015, the Cubs manager had some simple advice for the young player:

"Try not to suck."


Imagine a world where Kyle Schwarber's bat is in the Cubs' lineup every single day, yet there's no concern about what position he's playing.