Tim Tebow


What our peers think of us typically means considerably more than what general population thinks of us. By that measure, the Bears should feel very respected by their NFL mates.


It is precisely the kind of description a personnel executive would like to have for a running back: “He just knows where to find the soft spots and take that little sidestep and keep grinding for


Logan Thomas (QB), Virginia Tech

6’6” | 248 lbs.

2013 stats:

2,907 YDS, 56.5 CMP%, 16 TD, 13 INT, 123.9 QBR


It's hard not to draw parallels between Tim Tebow and Jordan Lynch.


The Broncos were unable to do much against the Seahawks in their 43-8 Super Bowl loss, but a former teammate of theirs still found a way to steal the show.