Tom Ricketts


If Greg Maddux ever really wants back in the game, he won’t have to play Peoria and ride buses the way Ryne Sandberg did for the second act in a Hall of Fame career.


Theo Epstein had enough self-awareness and message-control savvy to make a prediction during a spring-training session with Cubs beat writers in 2012.


While the Cubs sound ready to finally green-light the $575 million Wrigleyville project, chairman Tom Ricketts says the team hasn’t set a groundbreaking date yet.


While trying to manage the Wrigley Field message, Crane Kenney revealed his contract runs through 2019, keeping the Cubs president of business operations in power through a make-or-break point in


In January, in a Comcast SportsNet exclusive I obtained a copy of the contract between the Chicago Cubs and the rooftop businesses that operate outside the bleacher walls on Waveland and Sheffield