tom Thibodeau


LAS VEGAS—As the Bulls’ franchise player, Derrick Rose’s opinion matters and with his media silence since last winter, his take on the organization’s offseason and the team's potential moves spoke


LAS VEGAS—After his first time playing in a competitive setting publicly since Nov. 22, Derrick Rose was asked about his health, mentality and overall well-being.


LAS VEGAS—Derrick Rose has consistently talked about blocking out the negativity surrounding his two season-ending knee injuries and the outcry in the wake of his respective recovery processes.


LAS VEGAS—It was only approximately four minutes of a scrimmage, but just the fact that Derrick Rose was on the court, healthy and looked as if his athletic gifts hadn’t abandoned him was a sight


Derrick Rose will begin practice with USA Basketball on Monday, the first live competition for the 25-year-old since tearing the meniscus in his right knee in October.