Tony Snell


Welcome to the first edition of Beyond the Box Score! In this series, we will use advanced metrics and unique statistics to provide deeper analysis on the Bulls.


Joakim Noah went through a full practice Thursday after missing Monday’s game in Philadelphia, putting him on track to being available Friday against the Charlotte Hornets.


Mike Dunleavy was drenched in sweat, doing his usual routine of jump shots and free throws after Bulls practice, another sign his return is in the near future although not immediate.


Whether it was truly a last-second decision to change the starting lineup or a coy tactic to keep an opponent off track will always be a subject for debate in Fred Hoiberg’s first year.


The depth of the Bulls has been a point of conversation for fans and consternation for coach Fred Hoiberg, as he's had to juggle experimenting lineups with the continuity that comes with being a s