Treadwell leads Crete-Monee to semis


Treadwell leads Crete-Monee to semis

Tashara Parker Contributor

Triple threat athlete. Thats what one of Chicagoland's top recruits is being called. He plays wide receiver, defensive back and even kickerand in the words of Crete-Monees head coach, Jerry Verde, he does a little bit of everything.

His sophomore year he was a wide receiver and halfway through the season, we put him in at defensive end," said Verde. "His junior year he played WR and DE the whole year. This year he is back in at free safety. Hes what they call a gamer.

Thats how Verde referred to four-star wideout, Laquon Treadwell.

Treadwell is a senior at Crete-Monee High School and the only receiver in the Chicago area ranked in the Top 25 by numerous scouting services.

Treadwells college recruiting no doubt speaks to his talent. Just last week, he narrowed his list down to include Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Michigan State, Mississippi and Notre Dame.

To describe Treadwell in words may be the toughest thing to do as this receiver has talent thats well beyond his years.

His size is impeccable. He is a 64, 200-pound coaches dream. His speed is obviously another reason for his top notch choices in schools. He runs the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds.

Laquan has lead his team past the quarterfinals for the first time in Warriors' history and he says theres no time for celebration as the team needs to remain humble and press forward -- and there is only one way to do so.

Work hard, stay focused on whatever team we have each week and remain disciplined," Treadwell stated. "I think that will take us a long way.

The Warriors struggled for the past eight seasons with a hunch on their back in hopes of finally making it past the quarterfinals, and this year their dreams came true.

They rallied past Peoria Richwoods Peoria in what they are calling the toughest game this season as they lost to the Knights in the second-round last season.

And although, Peoria Richwoods wasnt the team that they played in the quarterfinals, it remains their closest call yet.
Treadwell scored two touchdowns to preserve a 35-32 victory against Peoria.

Treadwell said hes not stressed about making a collegiate choice, but doesnt want to focus on the decision until after the playoffs have ended.

He says, a lot of kids would love to be in my position, so I take it as a blessing.
Many high schools have ended their journey of making it to the state championship game, but Crete-Monee is hoping they can take things all the way this season.

The Warriors will square off against Lemont this Saturday in unfamiliar territory as Lemont enters their second straight year advancing to the semifinals.

2017 NFL Draft Profile: California QB Davis Webb

2017 NFL Draft Profile: California QB Davis Webb

As part of our coverage leading up to the 2017 NFL Draft we will provide profiles of more than 100 prospects, including a scouting report and video interviews with each player.

Davis Webb, QB, California

6'5" | 229 lbs.

2016 stats:

4,295 YDS, 61.6 CMP%, 37 TD, 12 INT, 135.6 QBR


Day 3

Scouting Report:

"System quarterback with more than 65 percent of his attempts coming inside of 10 yards. Webb has enough raw talent to be considered a developmental prospect, but his decision-making and accuracy issues beyond 10 yards is a big red flag that might be tough to overcome in the NFL." — Lance Zierlein,

Video analysis provided by Rotoworld and NBC Sports NFL Draft expert Josh Norris.

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Owners to consider on and off field changes this week during NFL meetings

Owners to consider on and off field changes this week during NFL meetings

Give the NFL credit for, at least this one time, genuinely putting the interests of its fans first. Or at least proposing to.

Among the matters expected to come before this week’s owners meetings in Arizona will be one from Washington that coaches have the ability to make unlimited replay challenges as long as the ones they make are correct. The idea is not likely to pass, in part because the NFL is endeavoring to improve the pace of its games, particularly for fans seated in stadiums, particularly outdoor ones. (If you’re watching at home, replay reviews are enough time to fill the chips bowl and grab a cold one.)

Along that line, the plan is for tablet computers to be run out to game officials for their review and consultation, while the final decision is reached at league officiating headquarters in New York, according to current proposals to be considered for votes this week. Additionally, a 40-second play clock is suggested after extra points when there is no commercial break scheduled, and halftime to be limited to 13 minutes 30 seconds.

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Actual in-game changes are also under consideration.

No one is likely to label it “The McClellin Rule” but a proposal is there to ban players leaping over offensive linemen (read: long snappers) to block field goals and extra points. Former Bears linebacker Shea, as a special-teams rusher with the New England Patriots, successfully vaulted Ravens blockers to knock down a Baltimore field goal try last season.

The proposal is likely to pass ostensibly as a player-safety measure, although cynics might suggest that the impetus behind the ban is general irritation that Bill Belichick’s group came up with with kick-block gambit.

More directly aimed at protecting players from gratuitous violence in a game that has enough violence just by its nature is a move to remind officials that players can be ejected for egregiously illegal hits. The situation is not considered dire because of frequency but the league clearly wants to send a message/reminder to not only officials, but players, something likely to be reinforced during officials’ tours of training camps in August.