Melton: Everybody's in the mix

Melton: Everybody's in the mix
June 19, 2013, 3:45 pm
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CSN White Sox analyst and former Sox star Bill Melton appeared on the McNeil and Spiegel Show on 670 The Score this morning to share his insight on White Sox trade talk. There have been a flurry of opinions regarding whether GM Rick Hahn should be "putting the 'For Sale' sign" on the backs of some players or maintain the structure of the team.

Can Hahn afford to delve into his minor league prospects without dismantling the White Sox? Melton says not quite.

"Right now it looks like a situation where you have so few pieces just based on the failures of some of our minor league guys that are either injured or really you can't go down there and pluck anybody out and bring them up to a fan base that's pretty lethargic already."

With a defensive unit that has already committed 47 errors compared to last years total of 70, the fan base has plenty to be lethargic about. Melton says Rick Hahn will have to find a way to remedy the difficult situation.

"Tough situation for Rick Hahn. I'm sure he'll be very deliberate in what he does. This is his first opportunity as general manager to make the moves. He's smart enough."

When asked if anybody other than Chris Sale--who has continued to be lights-out and maintains a 2.43 ERA so far this season--is an "untouchable", Melton gave the inevitable answer.

"No. Everybody's in the mix. You really have to get rid of what will get you the most. I don't think anyone's untouchable when you're in this situation, when you got a ball club that's pretty much depleted in the minor leagues."

However, Melton commented how the starting pitching staff will continue to be the savior for this White Sox ball club.

"The strength for the White Sox from the beginning will be from the experience of their starting staff."

Melton doesn't blame the White Sox miserable start to the 2013 season on manager Robin Ventura either.

"It's kind of surprising how you can take the same team and come back the next year twice as bad as you were before. There's really no answer for it."