Pain tolerance biggest factor for Beckham

Pain tolerance biggest factor for Beckham
May 31, 2013, 9:15 pm
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OAKLAND, Calif. -- Gordon Beckham was 1-for-5 in a rehab appearance at Triple-A Charlotte on Friday but his manager isn’t worried about the results.

White Sox manager Robin Ventura said the bigger concern is how Beckham’s surgically repair wrist feels on Saturday. Beckham returned to the lineup on Thursday and Friday after he sat out a week with soreness in his left wrist. Beckham had surgery to remove a broken hamate bone on April 16 and had progressed quickly until this recent setback.

“It’s more his pain tolerance,” Ventura said. “Most of it has been pretty good. Baseball stuff, he’s probably ready to go. Pain-wise he’s still feeling something when he’s playing, in his wrist. It’s nothing in his wrist that’s going to break or hurt him more. It’s kind of sensitive. Don’t know if it’s the nerves, but something in there is moving around and causing discomfort. It’s more on his level of pain tolerance, really, just going through it. But baseball-wise, he’s ready to go.”

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Beckham had three hits on Thursday night at Triple-A Charlotte. Afterward, Beckham said his hand felt good after batting practice and didn’t hurt too much in the game, either.

“It feels good,” Beckham said. “It felt better. I had a good BP in terms of it not hurting as bad as it had. The game kind of fortified what I felt before the game, it didn’t get much worse. That’s a real positive thing and definitely on track now.”

Beckham remains hopeful he can return to the White Sox soon. He hasn’t appeared in game with them since he broke his hamate bone fouling off a pitch on April 9.

“Hopefully it doesn’t get worse, it just continues to stay where it is and if it does it probably won’t be too long before I’m back,” Beckham said in an interview on Thursday.