Peavy, White Sox in limbo as deadline approaches

Peavy, White Sox in limbo as deadline approaches

July 30, 2013, 8:30 pm
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CLEVELAND — The White Sox rid themselves of an early deadline for Jake Peavy when they pushed his next start back 24 hours on Tuesday.

Instead of starting Peavy against the Cleveland Indians on Tuesday night, the White Sox opted to have him pitch on Wednesday — if he’s still on the team — and elected for rookie Andre Rienzo to make his major league debut instead.

In making the move, White Sox general manager Rick Hahn bought himself an additional 21 hours to trade Peavy before Wednesday’s 3 p.m. CT non-waiver trade deadline. Peavy understands the move — he’d have less trade value if he pitched — even if it leaves him in a precarious spot.

In order to promote Rienzo from Triple-A Charlotte, the White Sox demoted outfielder Blake Tekotte. Peavy apologized to Tekotte for his trade situation costing the rookie outfielder at least 10 days in the major leagues.

“It really is (limbo), and it has been that way for a quite a while,” Peavy said. “The next 24 hours will be a relief on us all when we have some direction on what my future holds.”

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At this point, Peavy could be headed in any number of directions.

The Arizona Diamondbacks rejoined the fray on Tuesday as potential Peavy suitors. The Oakland A’s, St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox are also reported to be in the mix, and the possibility Hahn will lower his reportedly exorbitant price before the deadline could bring even more interested parties.

He very well could stay put, as Hahn made clear on Monday.

“There certainly is no urgency to make a deal now,” Hahn said. “It’s more about doing what’s the best baseball deal now.”

But Peavy’s not the only one being held in limbo by all the posturing.

Manager Robin Ventura was forced to shift plans for his rotation, though at least the White Sox had a contingency in place with Rienzo arriving on Monday.

But Ventura — who understands the process — doesn’t know with 100-percent certainty whether Peavy would be around to pitch on Wednesday.

“We’re just kind of going by how this all plays out, and right now he would be scheduled for tomorrow,” Ventura said. “It’s the trade deadline. For Rick, it’s his option of keeping him open. It’s better that he doesn’t pitch tonight. You get to that deadline to either do something or do nothing, but again it gives him more options to see how things play out.”

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Peavy would love to have some answers.

The last week to 10 days have been filled with trade talk and frustration.

Peavy endured this drama before when San Diego spent the entire offseason after 2008 trying to trade him only to have him begin the 2009 season with the Padres.

He’s used to the process and tries not to let it bother him because it’s not one he can control.

Hahn’s willingness to keep him up to date has helped too.

“It’s not a fun part of what we do, but it's part of what we do,” Peavy said. “My dad said it best, ‘You can’t sit around and worry about things you have no control over.’ And I think that’s something we do a lot in life. Sit and worry and let things get us worked all up when we have no say so if it’s going to rain or not rain. What’s going to happen is going to happen. ... I can’t say enough about the professionalism of the White Sox and Rick Hahn, especially, have treated me and kept me in the know, and I look forward to seeing how the next 24 hours will play out and finally have some direction in what’s going on.”