Purcey returns to Sox after good news on elbow

Purcey returns to Sox after good news on elbow
September 26, 2013, 6:45 pm
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David Purcey prefers his season ended in a different fashion but it could have been considerably worse.

The left-hander reliever rejoined his teammates Thursday with good news from Dr. James Andrews, who offered a second opinion on his sprained ulnar collateral ligament. Same as White Sox team doctors, Andrews said Purcey only needs rest to heal his injury and won’t require a trip to the surgeon.

Purcey, who has a 2.13 ERA in 25 1/3 innings this season, will rest for four-to-six weeks before he begins his rehab.

“They said most people recover from this, no big deal,” Purcey said. “I’ve known a lot of guys that had strained UCLs and everything after resting was fine. There’s like a 10 percent chance that you may need surgery but beyond that, I’m not really looking there yet.”

Purcey’s season, the most successful of his career, came to an end on Tuesday when the team announced it has shut him down. Purcey struck out 23 batters and only was scored upon in five of 24 appearances as he limited opponents to 19 hits.

“I don’t like ending it this way, but it’s just sometimes the way it happens,” Purcey said.

One aspect Purcey does appreciate is the shutdown is complete. He’s not just restricted from throwing.

“They said four-to-six weeks before I start even the thought of doing physical therapy,” Purcey said. “It’s four-to-six weeks of just rest. They're like, ‘Don’t even run,’ so I’m like, ‘OK.’ ”