An interesting milestone in Ventura/Nolan Ryan fight history

An interesting milestone in Ventura/Nolan Ryan fight history
January 15, 2014, 12:45 pm
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Chris Kamka


Today is Don Cooper's 58th birthday. Also, this day in 2003, the White Sox acquired Bartolo Colon in a trade with the Expos. But, there's a more interesting nugget to be found on this particular Jan. 15th. 

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White Sox manager Robin Ventura isn't celebrating a birthday. Today, he's 46 years old. 46 years and 185 days, to be exact. The very same age Nolan Ryan was on Aug. 4th, 1993 when he and Ventura met on the mound in Arlington in the third inning. 

A first pitch fastball ended up near Robin's right elbow and after a brief hesitation he bolted to the mound and promptly received about five good shots to the noggin while trapped in a headlock.

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At the time, Ventura was 26 years, 21 days old. A player that old today would have to have been born on Christmas Day, 1987, and no such Major Leaguer exists. Mike Minor, however, was born on 12/26/1987, so that's the nearest comp. Perhaps Ventura should pick a fight with Mike Minor to celebrate the occasion (I'm kidding).

A footnote to that Aug. 4, 1993 game in Texas: both Ventura and White Sox manager Gene Lamont were ejected that day. Ventura for charging the mound; Lamont for taking exception to Nolan Ryan being allowed to remain in the game. Meanwhile that day at Wrigley Field, Cubs pitcher Shawn Boskie and manager Jim Lefebvre were both ejected when Boskie threw at the Pirates' Jeff King after both teams had been warned. 

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Both Chicago managers were ejected on the same day, something which wouldn't happen again until July 23, 2013. The two skippers: Dale Sveum...and Robin Ventura.