John Danks misses 'the fun days' of Cubs-Sox fights

John Danks misses 'the fun days' of Cubs-Sox fights
May 5, 2014, 5:45 pm
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CSN Staff

The most famous fight induced by the Crosstown rivalry featured Cubs catcher Michael Barrett punching White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski square in the face.

The heat might be gone from the Crosstown rivalry — and not just because it's cold in early May. As both teams have experienced more losses than wins of late, the fire that once caused Barrett to unload on Pierzynski isn't quite there anymore.

The same goes for the fans in the stands, which is one of the things Sox pitcher John Danks misses the most.

"Usually there's a fight or two going on. Those were the fun days. That was fun to watch," Danks said before the first game of this year's Crosstown Cup on Monday on SportsTalk Live. "Last year it was obviously tough, both teams struggled, and we kind of got what we expected."

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Still, because the rivalry is mostly fan-driven, Danks said it's important to win for them — even if it's for some selfish reasons.

"We like to beat 'em for the sake of our fans. If nothing else, we don't have to hear about it," he said. "Last year we got swept, and that wasn't good for us, wasn't good for our fans. So we're going to go out here and try and win ballgames, give our fans bragging rights."

Catch the whole interview with Danks in the video above.